• Jeffrey Cooper

A word from Congresswoman Theresa Leger Fernandez

On Tuesday (6/15/21), I had a House Administration Committee hearing to discuss Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton’s flash report related to the attack on January 6th. I questioned Inspector General Bolton about leadership failures leading up to the attack. As a member of the House Administration Committee, I will continue to seek the truth about that day.

I will also continue to evaluate how we can act in our congressional capacity to address the failures in leadership and training of the Capitol Police so they are better prepared for the threats. You can see my discussion with Inspector General Bolton HERE.

I also attended a hearing in which experts told us about the challenges to find and maintain employment for individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

During the hearing, we learned about some of the unique barriers to employment that women often face after incarceration. We also heard about the importance of education for incarcerated individuals. You can watch footage from that hearing HERE. --TLF

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